Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Watering Spot

Well i'm calling this one done. U could detail it so much more, but i spent to much time on it already. I guess it sucks for me brow ... i really have to get faster. It is unacceptable to spend this much time on it and yet have it this unfinished -_-


  1. Looks sweet Robert! Love how you made the shapes of the robot super tight and clean, to give it that nice contrast with the organic background. You could perhaps push that even more, creating more leaves and bushes to really make the robot pop as a hard surface shape ( just a suggestion though. I know you've worked on this for some time and it looks great!).

    1. Thanks Wouter. Yeah i felt like i might have put more detail into the robot and also was having fun with it but i just needed to move on, i have to learn to be much quicker then this. Thanks for the nice words man :)